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Super-Glow TactiPlast.

Proudly Canadian, Europium infused for high visibility applications.

It's (Tacti)cal (Plast)ic.

And it all started here.

100% Biodegradable & Reusable.

TACTIPLAST is a REUSABLE highly versatile and adaptable super glow and pigmented thermo-bioplastic, which softens to a mouldable putty when heated and cures into a shock absorbing strong plastic when set. Our Europium infused super-glows and beautifully pigmented plastics are perfect for EDC modifications, tactical use, and DIY repairs. For the professional and the hobbyist.

  • HEAT

    HEAT your TACTIPLAST in hot water until it softens into a workable putty.

  • SHAPE.

    SHAPE to your liking.

  • CURE

    CURES slowly as you work it and fully cures within minutes into a rigid strong shock-proof plastic.

  • USE

    USE TACTIPLAST for on-the-go fixing or to create something totally unique and custom to meet your needs. TACTIPLAST® Europium series glows brightly, to maximize glow output just shine a UV light on your creation for two minutes to charge and excite the Europium.

TactiPlast Super-Glow

Europium infused for ultimate DIY Super-Glow in the dark applications.

TactiPlast Pigmented

Beautifully Pigmented TactiPlast.

Want More Reasons?


It couldn't be more simple. We ship free Canada and USA wide on any order over $30.00, we also ship world-wide!


Performs under pressure, TactiPlast doesn't suffer from stage fright. Once hardened it can bear some serious weight.


Use it over and over and over and get the point.


Glow big or Glow home. It's Europium infused, making it perfect for night time, tactical applications, and awesome custom glowing things. Modify anything, tinker with TACTIPLAST and get creative, you can never have too much glow.


100% bioplastic goodness. This means no waste, TactiPlast is a completely compostable plastic.


Fix everything around you! Customize anything you'd like. It can be attached and formed to anything, superior bonding with other plastics, too!


Brought to you by one of our awesome community members @OwlFarmsEDC shows you his method with working TactiPlast into a silicone mold.

TactiPlast Moldable Plastic - Making Glowy Keychains

"Just a simple process I use with TactiPlast (Tactical Plastic)It can be very easily molded by hand or Silicone Mold.Create, Build, Fix there's all sorts of ways this can be used."


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    One of our fantastic customers @owl_farms_edc using silicone molds to create amazing custom pieces.

  • Submission by @owl_farms_edc using some high-vis Aurora Green making for a wicked cool mod to this Olight Seeker II

  • Submission by @owl_farms_edc

  • Spydie mod submission by Jordan, one of our awesome customers!