Our Story.

It’s an interesting one, but let's keep it short. During our time in the Canadian Armed Forces we used thermoplastic to customize our gear, it's a very special polymer with very interesting properties. Before any field deployments, in the early mornings just before heading out we would infuse the thermoplastic in our shacks with any glow in the dark powders we got our hands on. We made custom zipper and Velcro attachments so we can easily identify our gear without using flashlights all in the name of maintaining tactical advantage at night. We needed something reusable and strong, quick to deploy, something that can be thrown, smashed, frozen, trampled on but something that glows bright at night.

When your eyes acclimate to the dark, any glow is easily spotted, we spent so much time at night on different qualification courses and we just wanted an easy way to identify our personal items quickly when hell rained down from course instructors. So we began playing with GITD powders but nothing seemed to work well until we started infusing Europium, a rare earth element, into our plastic putty. It was a game changer, it provided a super bright glow at night into any plastic we mixed it with.

Enter TactiPlast. It's Tactical Plastic. A soft putty which can be molded with your hands using hot water, and cures within minutes into a strong and durable brilliantly glowing plastic which keeps any shape you form it into. The rest, as the say, is history.